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Personal Trainer Job Description

Personal Trainer Job Description

A Personal Trainer helps clients achieve their fitness and health goals through motivating and educating them. It’s much more than giving out exercise orders; Personal Trainers save lives.

Here's what the job description really entails:

Identify Goals and Create Tailored Plans

Personal Trainers have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients, identifying their goals (e.g. increase strength, improve fitness, weight loss) and writing personalised programs for them.

Personal Trainers with more experience and extra qualifications such as the Diploma of Fitness (Exercise Therapists) can also assist with injury rehabilitation or work with specialty conditions (e.g. diabetes, obesity). This means a sound understanding of anatomy, physiology, and exercise is required.

Take One-to-One and/or Group Sessions

This is the best part – where the Personal Trainer gets to take their client or clients through their exercise program. The sessions need to challenge the client, and they should be fun and always be a step towards to the client’s goals. The client may not always be enthuasitc about taking part in the session so the Personal Trainer needs good motivation skills.

Communicate Clearly

Personal Trainers assess, discuss, motivate, and teach clients how to improve their fitness, strength or physique. Hence, strong communication and listening skills are paramount. Exercise plans must be explained clearly to the client so they understand what they're doing and why. Personal Trainers also provide feedback on correct technique.

Monitor Progress and Be Organised

Being prepared for client sessions means writing new programs and tracking progress. Personal Trainers record and monitor health, weight, fitness, and strength so that they can constantly adjust programs to challenge their client.

Educate Clients

Gaining new qualifications, attending workshops and fitness events, and reading the latest research ensures Personal Trainers keep up-to-date with fitness and nutrition information, so they can pass this on to educate their clients. Networking with other professionals is also great for learning, referrals, and comparing philosophies to constantly better their career in fitness. 

Maintain Fitness

A Personal Trainer's body is their business card. They should therefore practise what they preach and live a healthy and fit lifestyle. It's important that they're physically strong enough to spot clients and correctly perform any exercise they ask of them.

All this pays off when you realise you're making a positive difference to the lives of others. You could be helping people add years to their lifespan, save them from an operation, or even save their life, so it's very satisfying to know you've been a part of their journey.

Thinking of becoming a Personal Trainer? Get started with the Master Trainer program at the Australian Institute of Fitness.

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